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About me

While traveling to beautiful Southeast Asia I discovered the most unique stingray handbags that I had ever seen.  I instantly fell in love with the look and quality of a stingray handbag and just had to have one.  When I returned home, friends and even strangers admired my handbag and asked where they could buy one.  I became curious and did some searching and found that they were not available at retail stores anywhere in the United States. This led to the birth of Drumsurn Imports and our Timeless Stingray online boutique. 

Marilyn Huntington Love


What is Stingray

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Stingray Products (Also known as Shagreen or Galuchet) 
There are 7 or 8 types of stingrays with pearly studded leather on the back with each pearl being extremely hard. In the past this hard, pearly leather has been used for scrubbing floors, body armor and sword handles. The last use of stingray leather for battle protection was during World War II. Stingray products - handbags, wallets, etc. - made during the early 20th century bring higher prices in today's collectors' marketplace than new products.
Today this pearly surfaced leather is mainly used for both men's and women's accessories. The leather's pearls are so tough a knife slash will seldom penetrate or cut them and, in addition, they are resistant to fire. As a result, items made from this leather wear very well, and every item is distinctively different.
Although the multitude of hard, round, pearly shapes on stingray leathers are similar, the size of the pearls is variable. Those with a single large pearl in the center of smaller pearls are called "single pearl" stingray. There also is a variant with the pearls all in a row that is used mainly for belts. After polishing the pearls turn white with a shiny, opaque look.
Genuine stingray products are rare throughout the world because of the limited supply with the pearly motif. Artificial stingray (PVC based) products are easily detectable through a simple heat test.
Because Stingray products are hand made from natural materials, there may be slight variations in pearl size and color. Motifs, size and location may also vary slightly from item to item.

Watch Out for Illegal Stingray

Stingray leather is not produced in the USA so it must be imported.  Stingray is not an endangered species, but importation into the USA is controlled by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.  Our company, as an importer, has applied for and received a Fish and Wildlife license so that we may legally import items made of this unique and beautiful leather.  All of our goods come through the port of entry and are assessed duty by the US Customs Service.  Any vendors with delivery times of 15 to 20 days or more are foreign shippers and will not have a Fish and Wildlife license nor do they pay US Customs duty.  As  such they are making illegal shipments and your goods could be confiscated at the port of entry.